Hand Assembly

Our expertise spans various industries, including eCommerce businesses running subscription box models and charitable organizations requiring expert hand fulfilment for event packs. Within Route 1 Group, our dedicated Recruitment business is poised to meet the demands of brands with urgent packaging requirements.

Our Packaging Solutions Include:

Gift Hampers

Create memorable gift hampers that leave a lasting impression.

Direct Mail Hand Fulfilment

Expertly handle personalised key rings, pebbles, and wax-sealed VIP envelopes for your direct mail campaigns.

Product Kit Assembly

Efficiently assemble multiple-component products to create kits, such as gift hampers or subscription boxes.

Cover Mounting and Gift Wrapping

Enhance the appeal of your promotional products or publications by attaching them to magazines or adding a personal touch with gift wrapping.

Consignment Product Inspection and Reporting

Whether it’s barcoding, quality inspection, or re-collating large consignments from China, we have you covered.

Subscription Boxes

Route 1 Group excels in subscription box fulfilment, ensuring timely, accurate deliveries, and elevating the customer experience with precision and reliability.

At Route 1 Group, we offer bespoke and flexible contact packing services to meet your specific needs, whether you require large or small-volume work.

We can handle everything from fulfilling existing packaging to sourcing, filling, packing, storing, and distributing your products.

Tailored Packaging Solutions

Let’s schedule a no-obligation call with one of our sales team members. During this call, we’ll discuss your unique requirements and promptly provide you with a detailed quote.

OUR Hand Assembly SERVICES:

Product Inspection
Direct Mail Fulfilment
Cover Mounting
Product & Kit Assembly
Subscription Box Fulfilment
Rework and Distribution