Printers & Mailing Houses

While machines can be incredibly efficient in many packing projects, there are some cases where hand packing is the most efficient option. With over 50 years of experience in print and direct mail among our management staff, we have the knowledge and expertise to produce the quality and service that you would expect from a top fulfilment house.

We take pride in the service our hand enclosing/assembly team provides. All benchwork is undertaken at our premises in Northampton. We do not use home workers, as all work is closely monitored to ISO 9001 standards and regularly checked and signed by our line managers. Hand-enclosing jobs include inserting into jiffy bags, polybags, or cartons and affixing items to the front of books, brochures, or magazines. Whether it’s Charity welcome packs, goody bags, pen enclosing or flat box assembly, we handle anything that requires handwork!

  • Work undertaken for many major blue-chip companies, charities, agencies and print management companies
  • Up to 100 staff working on hand assembly projects, day and night
  • All handwork produced on our premises in Northampton
  • Flexible working hours to meet tight deadlines
  • No job is too big or too small
  • All work is quality-checked to ISO 9001 standard
  • 30,000 sq ft storage capacity

Service is paramount to us. We take on jobs of all sizes and understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Many of our projects require fast turnaround and flexible working hours, and we are prepared to work 24/7 to ensure timely delivery. Once we undertake a job, we guarantee it will meet its deadline without fail.

Route 1 Group operates in a 30,000 sq. ft building, half dedicated to storage. We also offer pick and pack production services. Our vehicle fleet can collect printed stock from your printers, hand assemble it, and drop it back at a Royal Mail depot or DSA supplier. We are well-versed in delivering to Royal Mail and publication title struct labelling requirements, ensuring your shipment is safe.

If you are a printer in need of haulage services for transporting pallets safely and securely, check out our online customer web portal for a quote. For the best rates, sign up and create an account today.