Route 1 Recruitment is a dynamic and forward-thinking recruitment agency specialising in connecting top-tier talent across the warehousing, driving, and hospitality sectors. Leveraging its industry expertise and extensive network, Route 1 Recruitment excels in matching skilled professionals with leading employers in the Northampton region.

As a sister company to Route 1 Group – Logistics and Fulfilment, Route 1 Recruitment shares the same commitment to principles of integrity, transparency, and excellence, this strategic partnership offers a unique selling proposition (USP) to the Group, providing the capability to address short-term staffing needs promptly.

With over 50 clients in the Northampton region, Route 1 Recruitment serves short-term staffing vacancies, offering a reliable and efficient solution for businesses seeking immediate workforce solutions. The agency’s emphasis on building solid relationships with both clients and candidates ensures a seamless and successful recruitment process for all parties involved. At Route 1 Recruitment, the mission is to not only meet but exceed the expectations of both employers and job seekers, contributing to the success and growth of businesses and individuals alike.

Lee Haines: Group Commercial Director

Richard Haines. Managing Director.

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Route 1 Recruitment

The Genesis of Route 1 Recruitment: Where Excellence Meets Opportunity

Route 1 Recruitment specialises in permanent and temporary staffing recruitment across key service sectors in the Northampton region. Whether you’re seeking work or looking to recruit, we’re your go-to partner for short and long-term staffing, particularly in sectors such as Food Production, Commercial Recruitment, Warehouse and Industrial, Driving, Catering, and Hospitality.

With a GLAA license and ISO quality accreditations, Route 1 Recruitment stands as a beacon of reliability and quality in Northampton. With a focus on building strong client and candidate relationships, we ensure a seamless recruitment process.

Route 1 Recruitment naturally serves as our in-house HR team; please visit our Careers page for more details.

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DISCOVER WHY Northampton Logistics Provider – Route 1 Group’s Employee of the Month Initiative works

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