Storage, Pick & PAck

At Route 1 Group, we’re your go-to destination for tackling home delivery challenges head-on. We’ve covered you whether you’re an offline or online eCommerce store selling furniture, such as sofas, beds, office furnishings, garden furniture, or any other heavy consumer goods.

Why Choose Route 1 Group for Your Home Delivery Needs:


Our Two-Person services are headquartered in Northampton, where we maintain a 30,000 sqft warehouse to keep all your stock in one secure location. This approach minimizes the risk of loss or damage to your valuable furniture inventory.

Our warehouse is equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure complete inventory control. We have the infrastructure to support your business’s demands with 2,500 pallet spaces, handling specialists, mechanical equipment for heavy goods, container unloading, quality control, and pick-and-pack services.

Efficient Goods-In Process

We understand the importance of the ‘Goods In’ process in the order fulfilment journey. Our specialised Two-Person Logistics Management system oversees all stock movements, from goods in to dispatch. This central control system, powered by barcode technology, provides real-time visibility into your stock levels via a secure online portal, making order tracking a breeze.

Let’s schedule a no-obligation call with one of our sales team members. We’ll delve into your specific requirements, current delivery operations, business objectives, and aspirations. Our team will then craft a detailed proposal tailored to your unique business needs, complete with an online demo and a comprehensive price breakdown.

Home Delivery Experts

OUR two-person home Delivery SERVICES:

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Customer Hub
Final Mile Delivery
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Storage, Pick & Pack