Subscription Box Fulfilment

Gift boxes and subscription packs are a rapidly expanding market, with consumers enjoying the ease and value of multi-packs and repeat ordering, along with the anticipation of their arrival. This trend provides an excellent recurring revenue model for many eCommerce customers. However, subscribers have high standards; they expect a superior end-to-end experience and will quickly rescind brand loyalty if dissatisfied. Therefore, product quality control, exceptional accuracy, precision packing, and reliable delivery are paramount to ensuring your final products arrive beautifully presented in your customers’ hands.

Fulfilment can be one of the most challenging parts of selling this type of product, with businesses often struggling with in-house issues of space, inventory management, and manpower. That’s where Route 1 Group comes in. We handle every step of your gift box and subscription pack fulfilment process – accurately assembling, packing, and reliably shipping orders quickly and cost-effectively. We provide flexible, scalable solutions that can increase during peak times and adapt quickly to rapidly changing offerings.

Whether you want to offer gift-wrapping across your entire range, create special selection packs, offer a subscription pack every week, or even let your customers pick their own selection box, we provide the flexibility to deliver your products with dedication to presentation so that each pack will look as good as if you hand-packed it yourself.

Our Warehouse Management System is optimised to manage the transferral of individual SKUs into assembled kits. We have a large co-packing team to support large volume processing. As kits are dispatched, our WMS updates all tracking and inventory events, giving you total visibility as we manage order receipts, inventory, picking and replenishing, electronic shipping confirmation, and tracking.

Route 1 Group Subscription Box Fulfilment

Ensure your customers receive their subscription boxes on time with Route 1 Group’s reliable fulfilment service. We expertly pick, pack, and dispatch orders with care, guaranteeing an unforgettable unboxing experience every time. Enhance customer loyalty and keep them coming back for more, time and time again.

Subscription Box Fulfilment Guide

Ecommerce is all about convenience: Customers expect to receive what they want when they want it without having to leave the comfort of their homes. Because customers expect to receive their subscription boxes at a set time each month, being able to offer timely and reliable shipping is incredibly important for subscription ecommerce businesses. That’s where subscription box fulfilment comes into play.

Subscription Fulfilment Process

With all of the above information in mind, you may decide that outsourcing fulfilment is the right choice for your subscription orders. Once you choose to work with a 3PL provider, here’s how the subscription fulfilment process works:

Route 1 Group needs your inventory on hand before your orders can be shipped. Ensure ample time for your inventory to be received and stowed by our team to ensure it’s ready to go when that recurring ship date arrives.

Order information can be shared with us automatically through an e-commerce platform integration or manually through a spreadsheet upload.

When order information is received by Route 1 Group, a picking list is created and assigned to a picker. Once all items in a subscription order have been picked, they’ll be packed up for shipping in a standard, plain box or custom packaging, depending on your preference.

Before the package is sealed, labelled, and ready to ship, many brands will have us add a little something extra to create a special unboxing experience for customers.

Once the order is assembled, it’s time to ship it to your customers. It’s that simple! Learn more about why Route 1 Group’s Hand Assembly arm can support your business by visiting our dedicated service pages.

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