eCommerce Fulfilment Centres

Are you inundated with inquiries for large, heavy, and ‘ugly’ stock that doesn’t fit your warehouse or delivery profile? Don’t turn them away—send them our way!

At Route 1 Group, we are experts in handling this type of work. We can store, pick, pack, and deliver these items precisely and carefully. We ensure reliable and efficient deliveries with our private fleet of delivery vans and trucks covering the UK and strategic partnerships with courier services and haulage suppliers.

Route 1 Group leads the way in innovative e-commerce fulfilment solutions, catering to the unique needs of businesses that deal with large, heavy consumer goods. Unlike traditional pallet storage, our facilities are equipped to handle items that may not fit conventional storage configurations!

We offer a comprehensive one-stop-shop solution, providing storage, picking, packing, and delivery services through our dedicated two-person team. Instead of declining quotes that may not align with your current operations, consider passing them on to our specialised Business-to-Business team. By doing so, you can transform these leads into additional income streams for your business. Let’s collaborate to maximise opportunities and drive mutual success!

Plus, if you’re an e-commerce company needing haulage support, don’t forget to contact Route 1 Group. We are a family-owned, award-winning business based in Northampton, with a cross-dock unit in Gloucester to support the Southwest of England for all your logistical needs.

Let’s work together to optimise your operations and drive success in e-commerce fulfilment. Contact Route 1 Group today!

Let’s schedule a no-obligation call with one of our sales team members. We’ll dive into your specific requirements, current delivery operations, business objectives, and aspirations.
Our team will then craft a detailed proposal tailored to your unique needs, complete with an online demo and a comprehensive price breakdown.