1. Definitions:

  • Carrier: Route 1 Express Couriers.
  • Customer: The person contracting Carrier services.
  • Conditions: Terms of carriage between Customer and Carrier.
  • Consignee: Recipient of the delivered goods.
  • Consignment: Goods to be delivered.

2. General:

  • Carrier is not a common carrier and accepts Consignments under these Conditions.
  • Only a Director can alter these Conditions.
  • Customer acknowledges reasonable liability exclusions.

3. Dangerous Goods:

  • Customer must disclose and classify Dangerous Goods.
  • Carrier may refuse or accept Dangerous Goods with conditions.

4. Delivery:

  • Customer ensures secure, properly packed, and labeled Consignments.
  • Delivery times are estimates.
  • Customer provides necessary equipment for loading/unloading.

5. Consignment Notes:

  • Carrier may sign acknowledgment but not evidence of Consignment condition.
  • Delivery acknowledgment is conclusive evidence.

6. Transit:

  • Transit starts when Carrier takes possession and ends at delivery or agreed endpoint.
  • Carrier may recover expenses for delivery attempts.

7. Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

  • Conditions governed by English law and subject to English Courts.

8. Undelivered or Unclaimed Goods:

  • Carrier may dispose of unclaimed goods after notification.

9. Cancellation:

  • ¬†¬†¬†Customer liable for losses due to cancellation within specified time.

10. Carrier’s Charges:

  • Payment terms 28 days from invoice.
  • Charges based on tariffs, subject to volumetric conversion.

Limitation of Liability:

  • Carrier not liable for specified items unless insurance requested.
  • Exclusions include force majeure, legal processes, customer acts, inherent liabilities, and marine risk.
  • Maximum liability set; customer can arrange additional insurance.
  • No liability for consequential or indirect losses, except for personal injury.
  • Customer must provide written proof of damaged Consignment value.