We are the perfect solution for e-commerce brands and retailers searching for storage, fulfilment, and shipping solutions for large consumer goods such as sofas, garden and office furniture, and beds that require a two-person delivery service for their final mile delivery.

With over a decade of industry know-how and a Trust Pilot rating of 4.4, our Northampton-based fulfilment centre is geared up for storing large ‘ugly stock’, and our recently opened cross-dock facility in Gloucester to support deliveries in the South-West of England provides premium storage or PUDO hub where your goods will be receipted into a state-of-the-art warehouse and kept in impeccable condition by our skilled logistics team, who are available 24/7.

Onboarding with Route 1 is effortless through our web-based portal that operates in the ‘cloud’ and is accessed through a web browser. The software is hosted and maintained on our super-fast UK servers. Your data is secure and safe – backed up every 60 minutes, seven days a week.

We understand the intricacies of handling larger, bulkier stock; this is where we excel. Unlike other fulfilment centres, we avoid trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Our bespoke solutions meet your unique needs, simplifying the sometimes challenging world of large bulky stock storage and delivery management.

Onboarding & Technology

Flexible Development:

Recognising that every client operates uniquely, we offer flexibility to adjust your specific operational needs.

Map-Based Routing:

The delivery recipient can see the live location and progress of the delivery vehicle.

Route Optimisation:

We consistently optimise routes to provide you and your clients with the best value while minimising our environmental impact.

Service Level Agreements (SLA):

Upholding our commitments, we instantly generate essential paperwork, including delivery manifests, route loading sheets, and individual proof of delivery (POD), which includes signatures and images available to view via the portal – and collection documents where applicable.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

Empower your business with API access to our system to effortlessly create new orders, access notes, and check the current order status, supporting the customer service function.

Delivery Confirmation to Customers:

Enhance customer experience: Allow recipients to confirm their delivery date via SMS, email, or phone. PLUS – SMS notifications are sent to the delivery recipient when the crew is en route and within 30 minutes of their property.

Returns Management:

Effortlessly keep track of returned items. Log the reasons for return and seamlessly attach them to new return orders.

Transparent Pricing & Billing:

Say goodbye to billing headaches you may have experienced with other fulfilment centres. Our system ensures accurate and automated invoicing. Charges accumulate effortlessly and can be allocated to new invoices within seconds, accessible online for your convenience.

Integrating with us offers Key Benefits:

Economies of Scale

Leverage our scale for cost-effective solutions in storage, pick & pack, and final mile delivery.


Enjoy the convenience of comprehensive services, covering storage, pick & pack, and final mile delivery – all in one place.

Collection in 60 Minutes:

Streamline your operations by integrating various logistics processes into a unified system.

Single Point of Contact

Simplify communication with a single contact for all storage, pick & pack, and delivery needs, reducing complexity.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Achieve seamless integration for improved customer satisfaction with timely and accurate order fulfilment.

Reduced Costs

Experience cost savings of managing fulfilment in-house.

Choose Route 1 Group for a partnership that combines operational flexibility, cutting-edge technology, and customer-centric features to streamline your logistics and fulfilment processes for large consumer goods!

Our dedication to excellence shines through:

  • Go live within 48 hours on the portal
  • No hidden fees
  • No setup
  • No integration costs
  • No long-term contracts
  • No minimum quantities
  • Stock visibility in our warehouse

Let’s schedule a no-obligation call with one of our sales team members. We’ll delve into your specific requirements, current delivery operations, business objectives, and aspirations. Our team will then craft a detailed proposal tailored to your unique business needs, complete with an online demo and a comprehensive price breakdown.

OUR two-person home Delivery SERVICES:

Bolt-on Options
Customer Hub
Final Mile Delivery
Onboarding and Technology
Storage, Pick & Pack