Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

Version 1 (2023).


Route 1 Group Ltd is committed to ensuring that we do not engage, moreover seek out and prevent any apparent cases of modern slavery and or human trafficking. Modern slavery is a brutal way of maximising profits, by producing goods and services at ever lower costs with scant regard for the terrible impact this has on individuals. It is also a crime resulting in an abhorrent abuse of human rights. It is constituted in the Modern Slavery Act 2015 by the offences of ‘slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour’ and ‘human trafficking’.

Our enforcement and training for all staff with access to recruitment is as follows:

  1. Interview all applicants in an approved location. This will either be at our own offices, where these must be carried out on customer’s premises, we will ensure these are safe and have no external influence on a candidate’s decision for a role. 
  2. We will not allow job applicants to complete registration documents on behalf of others.
  3. We will not accept money, favours, or any gifts at all from job applicants or workers. If offers of this nature are received, this information will be communicated to senior management within the business. 
  4. Not loan any personal money or any other form of recompense to temporary workers. If assistance is needed this must be arranged through the correct payroll channels.
  5. If a worker / job seeker states that they have paid money to be introduced to the Company, this information must be communicated to senior management within the business.
  6. Not allow unauthorised agents or individuals to introduce job applicants to the Company including friends, family or “local contacts” to source workers to satisfy urgent demand.
  7. Notify a manager when suspecting an individual of introducing job applicants to the Company for personal gain.
  8. We are not allowed to act as a landlord or be in involved in the provision of accommodation, transport or other paid for services to workers. Any information of this nature must be communicated to senior management within the business.
  9. Not allow anyone other than a person authorised by management to choose which workers are selected for work shifts.
  10. Not force or coerce temporary workers to work against their will.
  11. Not threaten or subject workers to physical or mental mistreatment.
  12. Treat applicants and workers with dignity and respect.
  13. Raise any knowledge or suspicions of illegal or dubious activities regarding agents, temporary workers, or colleagues to a manager immediately.

We are always taking action to promote ethical business practices and policies that protect workers from being abused and exploited in their own organisation and across the supply chains. We encourage transparency by ensuring the public, consumers, employees, and investors know what steps we are taking to tackle modern slavery. We also welcome all independent audit to ensure we are not only complying with these regulations, but also striving to exceed these.

If you need to contact Route 1 Group Ltd Ltd please call 01604 586 954 asking for the Compliance Manager for further details.