In the dynamic world of ecommerce, achieving excellence demands meticulous attention to detail in product delivery, fulfilment, and returns management. Route 1 Group, leveraging their hand assembly division, excels in streamlining these processes.

Rework involves inspecting and repackaging returned merchandise to reintegrate it into “good stock” for resale. This process includes thorough inspections, updates to address flaws or damage, and complete repackaging, with the duration varying based on the nature of the product and the reason for return.

Supply Chain Efficiency and Quality Assurance:

Successful rework and distribution of large consumer goods necessitate robust supply chain efficiency, streamlined reverse logistics, excellent order tracking, accurate inventory management, and effective customer communication. Our Quality Assurance ISO 9001 certification positions Route 1 as an ideal partner for retailers and e-commerce brands dealing in larger consumer goods.

Elevating Ecommerce Excellence:

Ecommerce brands striving for excellence in large consumer goods distribution find value in partnering with Route 1, which offers comprehensive rework and distribution services. These solutions not only enhance supply chain efficiency but also ensure the quality and resale readiness of returned merchandise, contributing to a seamless and customer-centric ecommerce experience.

No matter the scale or complexity of your project, we’re here to assist you in achieving remarkable results. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and experience the power of collaborative excellence.

OUR Hand Assembly SERVICES:

Product Inspection
Direct Mail Fulfilment
Cover Mounting
Product & Kit Assembly
Subscription Box Fulfilment
Rework and Distribution