Temperature Controlled Delivery

Route1 Group, a trusted delivery partner since 2003 to the healthcare sector – and hospitality industry whom require chilled and frozen temperature-controlled logistics. Our state-of-the-art vehicles can maintain temperatures from 0 to -25 degrees Celsius, making them ideal for transporting pharmaceuticals, pathology samples, and fresh produce.

Why Choose Route1 Group’s Chilled & Frozen Service:

Our vehicles are perfect for transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical items and pathology samples, ensuring they remain within the required temperature range.

We continue to serve the hospitality and food sectors by delivering fresh produce, offering support during seasonal trading peaks, driver illnesses, or holiday absences.

All our vehicles are equipped with GPS trackers and temperature recorders to ensure the safe transport of goods.

Contact one of our dedicated team members for a quick quote, and rest assured that we can collect your goods within just one hour, anywhere in the UK.

our express courier services: